Change Your Life In Seven Days: The No. 1 Bestseller

Book “Change Your Life In Seven Days” by Paul McKenna — May 30, 2019

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Bantam Press
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May 30, 2019
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The No. 1 bestseller Over 3 million copies sold worldwide _______________________________

'Discover your true potential and become the person you really want to be.'

Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not to others. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. Paul McKenna has made a study of highly successful and effective people, and distilled core strategies and techniques that will help the reader to begin to think in the same way as a super-achiever. Learn how to master your emotions and run your own brain, how to have supreme self-confidence and become the person you really want to be. Paul McKenna's simple seven-day plan really will change your life for ever. Reprogramme your mind and become successful, healthy and happy! _______________________________

What readers are saying about Change Your Life in 7 Days:

***** 'Changed my life ... practical things to do each day to teach you the principles in practice.' ***** 'My mindset is different now and I know my life is going to keep getting better and better. Amazing results already.' ***** 'You will learn how to take control of your emotions, deal with the stress's in your life with more ease, focus on your dreams, bring more of what you want into your life ... You really can change your life in 7 days!'


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