Finding My Own Rhythm: My Story

Book “Finding My Own Rhythm” by Motsi Mabuse — September 8, 2022

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September 8, 2022
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From competing in tournaments round the world to being crowned Latin dance champion, becoming a beloved Judge on Strictly Come Dancing and starting her own dance school, Motsi Mabuse has never let anything hold her back from fulfilling her dreams.

In Finding My Own Rhythm, Motsi opens up about the determination, hard work and resilience it took to get to where she is today from the moment she fell in love with the glitterball world as a young child watching a dance tournament whilst on holiday. She takes us back to growing up in apartheid South Africa where she experienced exclusion and discrimination, raising money to compete in cut-throat international competitions and the huge leap of faith she took giving up her law degree, moving to Germany to be with her dance partner and throwing everything in to becoming the best dancer she could be.

Motsi leads us in to the dazzling, rhinestone-studded world of dance, through the ups and down, romances and heartbreaks, the long hours and the triumphs that made it all worth it, all while staying true to herself and moving to the beat of her own rhythm.

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